Lyla Storm

Lyla Storm is a sexy little latina whore that thought making a porn video would be fun. She had seen what Duke Skywalker and the crew at Latina Abuse does, and she somehow thought she could take all they had to give.

Lyla Storm was a whore on a mission and the Latina Abuse crew was up to the challenge!

Lyla Storm's Pussy Spread


Before shooting the scene for Latina Abuse, Lyla Storm wanted to take some vanilla porn pictured of her spreading her legs while showing off her pink latina pussy. Duke Skywalker obliged, shot some pics before presenting her a couple of hard white dicks.

Every woman wants to feel like a cute sex kitten.

Lyla Storm Licks A Cock

Lyla Storm sprung into action when Bootleg's hard dick appeared in front of her mouth. She gently sucked on the end of his cock, licked it like a lollypop and gave him a sensual blowjob for about 30 seconds.

She was breezing through this scene without any problems...or at least that is what she thought!

Lyla Storm Gets Latina Abuse

After Big Red got his nuts tickled by her tongue, he had had it. WIthin seconds, Lyla Storm's head was being slammed back and forth, while the back of her throat was fucked with his fat white dick.

Lyla was gagging, slobbering, and gasping for breath.

Face Fucked Lyla Storm

After she was on her slutty knees, this petite piece of Latina ass laid back on the couch and allowed Bootleg and Big Red to face fuck her throat until the puke was just rolling down her face.

They used her luscious lips as if it were a needy pussy needing to be pillaged.

Lyla Storm Sucks Dick While Crying


After being on her back, Bootleg flipped Lyla Storm around and throsted his cock so deep into her throat, that tears of sorrow began streaming down her face.

This whore finally began to realize that she was not going to have her way with the guys known for destroying pornstars and first timers of all shapes, sizes and colors.

Lyla Storm Is Fucked Til It Hurts

After her gag reflex had been pushed to the limit, it was time to see how much abuse her tight latina pussy could take. Big Red and Bootled ran a train on her tight twat as she squealed with painful pleasure.

Pleasure is not what this crew seeks to achieve however: Plenty of slitting, slapping and verbal degredation as also on the menu.

Lyla Storm Covered In Puke And Cum

After Lyla Storm had her face covered in cum, there was just 1 last thing to do: Turn the puke bowl over that was filled to the brim, and place it on top of her head.




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